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calèche hermès perfume

It's lovely and ladylike and pretty, but to my nose it's a bit boring. It truly is powdery and reminiscent of makeup-face powder to be exact. Oh my... does no-one but me associate this one with the briskness of the seashore? The many product ranges are must-haves in the world of perfumes. (I have a 100ml from Fragrancenet, so it's not vintage, and a reformulation). This year I decided to sample vintage fragrances because if they are still on the market, I figured there must be something going for them. I found it beautiful and if I could find a vintage I would buy again. Did not think a minute - instant purchase and OH WHAT A JOY I have now. this is just so soapy and creamy, like silky soap suds - which makes me think its a bit dated but I still like it, its the best soap scent I've tried so far. Also, a little parfum goes a long way with great silage and longevity. Ending 5 Dec at 2:11PM GMT 6d 8h. In attempting to determine why KELLY CALECHE was not just called KELLY, since it has nothing whatsoever to do with CALECHE, I decided to avail myself of this opportunity to spritz some of the great classic on and to finally write my review of CALECHE, one of my favorite perfumes and the soapiest of the floral aldehydes in my collection. Loved it from first sniff by my inexperienced nose, I was speechless and converted. I agree with so many reviews for Caleche. Composed by Guy Robert in 1961, Calèche is the first women’s fragrance from Hermès. Caleche was always my best perfume for evenings. I also believe the quality of the woody bases are much more synthetic these days considering the rarity of Mysorean sandal, amaranth & Brazilian rosewood. To me, it really doesn't evoke an age, an era, a season, or a time of day. I tried it on a card and quite liked it, but now I can't get past the fizzy aldehydes, like sherbet in my nostrils. Great selection of Hermès fragrance for women from I find it has a positive vibe - probably from all the citrus. Also, there seems to be much less spice overall, and when you get to the bottom, the scent gives the impression of sawdust. Excellent sillage, not in your face, floating in the background. My mother had it in 1970ties and I had the luxurious body lotion of this in 1980ties and loved it more than the frag. All perfume lovers have to try it. This has been my favourite scent (with occasional deviations) since the 1970's. $165.46 - $256.12. I have to agree. Caleche By Hermes For Women. It's worth the price and effort to find the real thing. The drydown is spectacular. So gentle and elegant. It glides through to the end. To me it's just gorgeous and timeless, develops beautifully on my skin. I read the reviews and it sounded perfect for me. Free shipping and returns on Hermès Calèche - Eau de toilette at Beauty Almanac |. Maybe Caleche (soie de parfum) is going to be my new signature scent (at long long last, will I have a signature scent again?). Okay, so just as a heads up to you guys about the Soie de's TOTALLY different from the EDT. VINTAGE HERMES CALECHE EDT EAU DE TOILETTE *MINI* 7.5 ML .25 OZ. The nose behind this fragrance is Fabrice Pellegrin. I used to hate soapy scents but now my taste has changed and I don't dislike aldehydes anymore,even in the right mood,I sometimes tend to enjoy them, Took a whiff of this Feminine and thought "This is a contemporary Equipage with Adelehydes and softer Leather.". This is quite a controversial perfume , from what i can see on the reviews . A little luxurious slice of heaven. And personally I sense no similarities to either Gold or N°5, perhaps the only link between the 3 being an unsurpassed elegance and style. indeed there is a soapy feel to it but only in the beginning. νικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | ), I'm ridiculously excited while waiting to get my Fed Ex package of CALECHE! But in my early 20-s I couldn't afford the bottle of any Hermes. I love this. I love it and I want it so much. I gather by reading many reviews that the formula has changed. Make Offer - Vintage Hermes Caleche Eau De Toilette Splash Perfume Paris France Mini 98% Full. Not for the young. OUR RESPONSE TO COVID-19. Calèche is a novel that dazzles with the beauty of its raw materials, from the joyfulness of citrus fruit to the modernity of aldehyde notes; from the floral heart embellished with ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine to the woody, chypre sillage underscored by the nobility of the iris. I don't know what it is that I'm smelling as I look at the notes, but this stuff is divine. Aldehydes that slice through emotion. Timeless. Yup, this is a "Big Girl" perfume. Yes, £25! I love chypres, and I welcome strong perfumes. When I wear it people always ask me 'What are you wearing??" This is my ultimate Princess Grace pairing. HERMÈS. "... with all my respect to Hermes and to those, who like this perfume, I have to admit that for me it smells "an old lady's bag"...". It was my first real scent. At the age of 14 I was gifted with a Caléche pure parfum bottle. What an ugly name! It was one of my first big girl perfumes. Well, I guess now I'm glad I did! I used to love this and it was my signature scent in 80's. While I I remember the big blowsy 90's power frags, and even bought some with my pocket money back in the day, I've bought some again to see if they lasted the distance. £99.00. This makes it incredibly wearable as a man. mmm, so good! Explore Now! soap, soap, soap. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Nothing about being heavy or serious (I tested it in october). Transported to another place entirely. Insane comments... ! So I ordered a bottle of Caleche (EDT) and tried it. $24.10. Although it was made in 1961 it doesn’t smell dated at all. So deeply inside, so good like from old good French School of Parfumes and these irises and jasmine. I’m a huge fan of soapy fragrances. Make Offer - CALECHE by HERMES Women perfume HUGE 3.3oz 100ml EXTREMELY RARE *FREE SHIPPING* Vintage Hermes Caleche .25 oz-7.5 ml perfume parfum spray, vintage rare! On me, I smell like an old wrinkled woman. If you're an aldehyde fan or like chanel no.5 premiere it is likely to be your cup of tea. Although they say lemon is a top note, there must be something in the fragrance base which keeps its scent throught the drydown and actually makes it get even more pronounced as time goes by. this was a pleasent surprise as i didn't expect to like this at all on first sniff. 5. I do not think I have the vintage version so this is not a comparative review. I agree with the words of Chat Lunatique-there is a HUGE difference between soie de parfum and EDT. The middle notes are vintage and old lady-ish.This perfume smells matronly on my skin. A classic! Then I was like, hang on, this is all very familiar, I've smelt it before...and then it dawned on me: Chanel no.5 eu premiere - it smells EXACTLY the same, and I really dislike that too, so no real suprises that this one didn't work for me. I have worn this fragrance (EDT) off and on since the '70s. I just got this for my birthday and the smell is so delicate, classy and imposes self confidence. Soapy, woody and leathery maybe, aldehydic just for a whiff and towards the end again. If you've tried Chanel 5 but weren't too sure about it, try this. Ageless. If I want to smell like White Linen, I can buy White Linen at half the price of Caleche. :-(. Reminds me of Cacherel shirts and strict navy gabardine. Well that is OK. The last bottle I purchased about 8 years ago in Hong Kong may have been reformulated, but the contents remain true to the original. I encountered my first real life WASPs at the age of 16 upon my return to my home state of Maryland right on the edges of Washington D.C. after a near 12 year sojourn in the Central Valley of northern California. Faint aura of cumin human spice. I could not bear it. 5 which is now a big disappointment. Do I want to give off the odour of an expensive antique? This is an old standby of mine for the workday. At first I couldn't place the famaliarity, then it hit me. There are two versions Edp and edt, maybe you gave edt? amazing strong, super sharp iris & aldehydes concoction. The pure parfum (vintage) is the way to go with this scent. Made in France. Maybe not. It is an amazing scent, In one word I would say elegance. The scent both remind me most of is Rive Gauche, although the soie de parfum more, because it is stronger on the gardenia and a bit lighter on the lemon. With Caleche, the words 'classy' and 'elegant' come up time and time again. The main thing here is powder and soap. My reference to 'First' is to emphasize the perfect connection between the accords of blackcurrant bud (cassis) and the floral absolutes shared by both fragrances. I do admire it and on others it smells divine. I have a vintage mini of this...lovely, waxy aldehydes and soft powdery florals, like a more refined version of Madame Rochas. emphasized by the nobility of iris. I love this fragrance although the sillage is really soft and the longevity isn't better either. It smells so beautiful, classy that transends time. For me this is a vintage elegant smell - not sweet, not fruity, not floral - more herbal and earthy. ----like a peppery old crusty leather ladies shoe from my grandmother's cedar lined closet. $140.00 $ 140. If you're not fussed about the bottle your fragrance comes in, there are a number of very inexpensive parfum refills on Ebay at the moment (I snagged mine for $30). This was her favorite. I wouldn’t even want my house to smell like this. oz.) This is what Chanel No. She threw her white linen church gloves in the closet with the patents after washing her hands with Ivory at Marshal Field's during the Christmas rush to purchase the silver tea pots for the after mass tea. Gracias. It's good breeding liquified. I would describe Hermes Caleche as the scent of Ma Griffe perfume and a vintage Coty Airspun face powder, tossed about in a new calfskin handbag. It was one of my first which my Mother bought me. Spritzed some on a card and put it in my wallet and now I'm sitting here typing this with one side of my brain in some kind of trance as I inhale this magical fragrance. Something inside. Released in 2007, Kelly Calèche was meant to be the first feminine leather fragrance in the Hermès collection. Le Jardin de Monsieur Li. No crashing from top to middle to base. Hermes Caleche Soie De Parfum Spray, 1.6 Ounce 4.5 out of 5 stars 68. I was excited for nostalgia reasons, to have this perfume again. For me, it's a no-brainer. Skip to main content. It's for a woman that is not afraid to be unique. 1961. It’s fresh without being too screechy or sour; aldehydic without being soapy and old-ladyish; powdery without being stuffy and stale. I feel like I am wearing someone else's clothes. It is elegant in a obvious, average way, typical for past decades when ladies smelled of aldehydes, cleanliness and soap. I got a vintage, but sealed bottle of pure parfum. Good longevity too and I want to keep smelling my clothes all the time ;-). As a small child I would sit in her bedroom and look at the forbidden closet where she kept her beautiful perfumes. Years later when I picked it up again, I realized that it had changed and I felt sad. Her lack of interest in this perfume and her inclination to share with me was my good luck, because I loved it! I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist. This was my first real perfume in the early 1970s. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. 0 bids. How very true. Structured. I smell an antic or a church, imbued with the smell of frankincense. Hermès Calèche is one. Very addictive! Then it transitions to a beautiful, elegant rose musk that persists until the following day both on my skin and on my clothing. A background lilly-of-the-valley & rose followed by the beauty of Caleche took me to Wavel Castle's old and woody atmosphere. You can feel the quality when wearing this. Kelly Caleche by Hermes For Women. This resilient lemon note is what gives Caleche its particular character amongst aldehydic fragrances. Too many comments already. It makes me feel upper crust and somewhat bitchy...evil and conniving even. Caleche Soie de Parfum by Hermès is a Floral Aldehyde fragrance for women.Caleche Soie de Parfum was launched in 1992. I wear it when I am out doing my chores on the farm while dressed in jeans, irrigation boots and a wide-brimmed hat. (It's vintage and in the same bottle.) I do agree that Caleche is elegant and lovely, chic and sophisticated. It has led me on so many heavenly perfume journeys. A sacramental thing of almost religious beauty. Don't care they call it is feminine - it is sharp and strong, uncanny. Pure Parfum ~ Perfume ~ Extrait. But being greedy, I ordered soie de parfum without prior testing, and I bit off more than I could chew :( Classy, refined, noble, but unfortunately not a fragrance I could wear. This was a "scrubber" for me. • Complimentary ground shipping within 1 to 7 business days Aldehydes are a note that I simply for the most part find hard to tolerate, and there wasn't enough woods, spice or earthiness to balance the composition to a more palatable concoction. Big aldehyde opening with Caleche, sadly on the sour side. Clean, feminine and luxurious soap, like a fresh air! It was a blind buy and a very good one. While the two perfumes are vastly different, Calèche is just as pretty as its much younger sister, but with a classier edge! In my head, this sits next to Cristalle, but is even more elegant and richly dry. everyone else can keep their Chanel...;). I was born in an era where aldehydes are not appreciated. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3-Ounces. The mica is slightly peeled off on the top, but the box still covered. 3.0 out of 5 stars 3. Overall, very very good, and to me the best Hermes scent. Amber make something. embroidered with ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine, to its woody chypre afternote, Caleche is like a greener, sharper, drier, more masculine version of Chanel No. And how, at the height of joy we can be reminded of some long gone bitter-sweet memory. Staying power is very good. OLD FORMULA. It goes very well with Guerlain-Idylle. The button's design is a work in progress. I couldn't take it after a few hours anymore, so I washed it off. Right after application, it reminds me a lot of Madame Rochas, and in the next half and hour, because of the strong gardenia note, it feels very very close to Rive Gauche. Very classy. • Easy and complimentary, within 30 days Free postage. California Transparency in Supply Chain Act. It doesn't smell like a different scent. • Next-day and Express delivery options also available (Retired!) Reformulation!! Rouge smells old world and classy but there are no mothballs. Idylle's sillage is very high (sometimes disturbs me), and when I smelled Caleche from my wrist, I think what I got was a mixture of the both. If you can wear this perfume great! Condition: Brand New / UNBOXED -- Comes in an Organza Gift Bag Caleche was the first Hermès fragrance for Women. Although I do admire Caleche and consider it unquestionably one of the most classical scents still out there these days, I do like Madame Rochas and Rive Gauche better, actually Madame Rochas better than Rive Gauche, and I am speaking of the current reformulations. At first the alcohol was overpowering. As the smell worked it's way into my consciousness, my only thought was: "get me to the nearest shower". I agree with Malegria. That is it. Score! Top notes are Aldehydes, Citron, Bergamot and Neroli; middle notes are iris, May Rose, Damask Rose, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley and Orange Blossom; base notes are Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Vetiver and Cedar. Maybe it doesn't blend well with my chemistry and is nice to others. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. It was curiosity /which doesn't kill the cat/ how it will be now on my skin-I had to try. All of the allotrops of iris, the root and the flower are present, languid and glacial as they should be, entouraged by rose, lily-of-the-valley and jasmine, exulted by the aldehydes and howling light, they stand on the vetiver-moss pedestal, dry, austere, stately. Then it turns into a powdery, aldehydic floral. I got a sample of this because no one in my area carries Hermes and I was curious to try the brand. As I was listing it, I gave it one last spritz and low and behold, I was finally able to smell a few of the notes. Caleche by Hermes is powdery perfection to my nose. I love aldehydes, I love soapiness but this smells miserable. CALECHE by HERMES. What was once considered a feminine is now a seriously-I-mean-it masculine that smacks a red handprint on the likes of Cool Water's aquatic little rear, leaving a sheer and floury poof of powder in the air. So our romance was like that: I was sneaking to perfume departments and sprayed Caleche on my clothes, so it lasts longer. 99: $99.99 $ 99. … 62 ($29.28/Fl Oz) Now Caleche is not completely identical, but it's damn close to the scent of my favorite powder. Out of the older perfumes out there, Caleche Hermes is one of my favorite. Me encanta ya que su aroma es elegante, para mi gusto. Daytime scent for rich people. Pre-barcode. I just received a sample of EDT I ordered. But then again, Caleche is a very strong perfume, so I think the EDT is adequate for everyday use. The secret of seduction, extrait de parfum expresses the essence of femininity in all its mystery. The Classic collection bears witness to the initial encounters between the house of Hermès and fragrance. From "french whore" to "baby " (???). I scored a bottle of this at TJ Maxx long ago, and hated it once I got it home. That doesn't have to be a bad thing, in my opinion, if you want to smell shower-fresh instead of perfume-laden. I like it for special occasions when I wear nice clothes, and it gives me self-confidence. Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars: 4.5 out of 5 stars: 5.0 out of 5 stars: 5.0 out of 5 stars: Price: From $211.65 $125.45 $ 125. Pulling my nose close to my wrist with Caleche on it, again and again. Staying power is good and sillage is moderate - I would consider this a nice fragrance to gift. $159.99. I adore this but find it hard to say why. more closer to rive gauche than chanel no.5 in terms of dryness although rg is of course more floral. My Mom bought me the reformulated EdT for Christmas, after my husband told her I liked it. Caleche is one lady-like perfume hard to describe to be honest. Kerosene, naphtha, awful! I loved it and it suited me so nicely. What a shame; how sad. Check out our caleche perfume selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our fragrances shops. Very comforting, huge sillage. I never liked it, It's too strong for my taste and seems forced. The first notes I get on my skin are lily and fizzy aldehydes. To add my contribution I just voted the other people comments that I liked or that expressed my thoughts better than myself. Free shipping. This version is a little rough around the edges. Caleche base is oakmoss, while Gold base is spices and musk. 5. Shop for Hermès perfume at Macy's. Makes me think of uptight people. Yes, this does smell like money. I used to wear this perfume in the 70's in NYC. I imagine a woman wearing linen on a yacht for some reason. Written in 1961 by Guy Robert, Calèche was Hermès’ first fragrance for women. It has a certain sourness but does not overwhelm with it.And the leathery note is like very thin, very soft leather glove, light brown. It smells so classy and sophisticated. It was masterfully crafted and blended perfectly. When sprayed on paper, I love it. On my cousin, Caleche smells so classy. Well, on my skin it smells almost exactly like Chanel No.5, which isn't a bad thing, but I guess I was expecting something different. If ever there was an understated scent of a rich bitch who commands the room without uttering a single word, this is the number one, IMHO. Visited Saks today and received several samples. I want to buy this perfume, but I'm not sure if I should get the EDT or the EDP version.. What's the difference? I've always loved Kelly Calèche, but until recently I've never given the original Calèche a trial run. So, I seem to have changed. However, I agree with those that feel Caleche is a soapy scent---it definitely is on me. As time goes by, the scent of gardenia seems to wear off, and the scent gets more and more lemony, now acquiring a character of its own. A highly feminine, woody, chypre floral, its name refers to the horse-drawn carriages that are emblematic of the house. nice. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. The Hermès brand boasts a wide variety of perfumes, with unmistakable fragrances for Hermès lovers. Well... the reformulation isn't bad. Fragrance story : It is a very feminine woody, chypre floral, whose name refers to the horse-drawn carriages that are emblematic to the house. See 73 member reviews and photos. It has shown an interesting note though in heart - the incense (unusual type of incense found in our Catholic church), but this has disappeared in the drydown. This was one of them. I wear it when I don't want to offend - no one has ever commented on it - and save the more challenging scents for my off time. To me, smelling like soap or freshly showered is in a way like being polite to those who come into contact with you. Glamorous, slightly arrogant, has a style. Yes, it has a bit sharp opening but after that the smell becomes the best floral bouquet of flowers I've ever smelled. Updated. More complex and more dry. I haven't tested any other versions. A good scent should always suggest a number of conflicting emotions. HERMES CALECHE Vintage Eau de Toilette EDT 25ML SPLASH 95% Full. The EDP is POWERFUL. I wore that bottle out and loved every minute of it. I have never smelled the vintage, but the current Caleche EDT is breezy and uplifting in a retro way. / 100 ml. Hermes Kelly Caleche Parfum Pure Perfume Lock Refill Spray - (0.25 oz / 7.5 ml) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. The comparisons with Chanel No 5 are spot on, this is definitely No5's equally beautiful sister, but Caleche is dryer, greener, woodier, more complex and less sweet. To have worn this in the pure parfum concentration decades ago was absolute luxury, a contentment also found in the original 'First' by Van Cleef & Arpels and of course as mentioned previously the 'au courant' and innovative Chanel 19. It's interesting and grown up scent. I remember experiencing 'Caleche' for the first time in my early twenties and how very closely she resembled the relatively new Chanel 19, I was unaware then they had both been authored by the great Guy Robert. Grandmas are always right, so I shall not argue! It was very sophisticated and elegant, never to be forgotten. I feel like I should be wearing an intimidating business suit when I wear it. Now there is only a mediocre scent, but maybe it's just my skin that many perfumes finish it off in the same way on it. Men used to stop and ask me what it was all the time. To my mind, this is the Grace Kelly of perfumes: beautiful and refined. It probably says something that, while I wear Caleche often, I just now remembered to review it. Shop For Caleche Perfume. I touch Caleche on my neck and wrist again. Your purchases are delivered in an orange box tied with a Bolduc ribbon, with the exception of fragrances, makeup and beauty products, books, certain equestrian and bulky items. Though there is the initial burst of aldehydes, I find they burn off relatively quickly, and leave a scent that has an old fashioned chypre content, but an overall timeless appeal. Coarse leather lacking empathy. I don't like it anymore. Free shipping. Recently, I was going by the Hermes counter, I decided to try the 3 concentrations. Kelly Caleche by Hermès is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women.Kelly Caleche was launched in 2007. While Gold is described as Guy Robert’s magnum opus, I see Caleche as a more complete creation. But it lacks the development of the original - what you get in the beginning is pretty much what you get all the way through. Oddly, I first smelled this on a man and had to know what it was. For an intelligent woman who knows where she is going and never looks back, without regrets. 00 ($300.00/Fl Oz) FREE Shipping. It feels REALLY watered down and although the smell is on the strong side its not really a full and voluptuous scent you can REALLY detect that this is a really watered down smell and because of that this perfume doesn't really develops a lot. :), Caleche by Hermes EDT .27 oz (Travel... (. It is smooth. ... Calèche. I love the soft leather note that I smelled, subtle and nice. It is elegant and powdery the same category as Chanel No.5 for me. Great classic perfumery. $39.99. In all honesty it actually smells quite cheap too. To me, it is a very sophisticated, complex scent. This perfume was one of my first expensive perfume buys. it developes fast like a fast forward of a blooming flower into something very rich and hard to analyse. I tried soie de parfum, and totally agree with most of the comments is a classic scent. My friends at college had some nice scents, we all adored some of the drugstore greats, I guess White Shoulders was one, but I always felt quite the sophisticate with the beautiful Caleche. Maybe even the best Hermes for me. Luca Turin described it as a 'wan' aldehydic and I'm afraid that I completely agree. i wonder if Hermes Caleche stole the ingrediants from Chanel no 5. because they smell the same. I was instantly struck just from sniffing at the bottle. Rare vintage splash bottle in original presentation box. If this perfume came in an eau de parfum version and it was done right so the scent was full strong and voluptuous it would definitely be my signature scent. Loved it then, not sure how it will go now. I Love it. All notes are perfectly blended and none of them dominates the others. or Best Offer. !Smells woody, smokey and the neroli is very distinct. Caleche is a very soft, demure and classy fragrance. To dry, to saopy, to....non-sensual. I bought it at Nordstrom and the sales lady was trying to influence me to purchase a "younger" scent. It turned to pure soap on me. Classical and classy. PRE BARCODE- numbered HG13. • In-store collection available within 1 to 7 business days They have never worked with my body chemistry. every time i put it on it smells different than the last, but always beautiful and never disappointing. It screams Aldehyde when you first spray it. Lucia.lawson your review was spot on. I think the "evil" is what makes it full of character and interesting. Eau de Toilette, 3.3-oz. I haven't tested on skin yet, just card but I think it will be even better on skin... it would be great layered with leather and rose. There is nothing ugly about this on my skin. So classy! Uhh-ohhh...this was one of my few blind buys that just did not work at all. Shop For Kelly Caleche Perfume. This is a very classy and elegant fragrance, but if I'm gonna fork over the cash, I think I'll stick with Chanel. Discover Hermès women's fragrances and refills on our official online shop. • See the delivery FAQs for details on shipping methods, costs and delivery times, Payment methods This is ultimate classic, timeless elegance, pure heaven upon earth! Very reminiscent of "Ma Griffe" and Chanel #5. ... A joyful and feminine fragrance inspired by leather with a Sheer floral scent sparkling and delicate Top notes of lily of the valley rose narcissus and iris. strange that some people think it is like chanel no 5, I hate that perfume, it makes me feel quite ill, yet i love Caleche and have worn it for years....? Not all the stores have yet the new version so look for the earlier: frosted bottle, transparent plastic cap with golden ring packed in a yellow box. I'm lucky enough to recently purchased a 100ml EDT bottle of this for the grand total of £25! $69.99 It reminds me of some kind of embalming fluid - it is serious and joyless. I'm quite confused, tested calèche this week and fell. 3.7 out of 5 stars 44. As soon as I smelled it I said "OMG this is Chanel Nº5 in another bottle!". A really big plesure to wear. This is a beautiful scent, so understated and elegant. As my niece would say "you smell like a rich bitch". If Caleche is a carriage, - then only the one, which drives you straight to heaven. I have tried wearing the reformulated versions but something is always missing. elgab89 thanks for your comments. A half an hour in, something barely makes it to the surface - that gives it the slightest merely there impression of sharpness - may be the cypress, and then leaves again, probably overwhelmed by all the powder, quite like me. Please refer to the information provided on the packaging of your product to see the most up-to-date list of ingredients. Caleche is a lovely perfume for work, very smart and a little bit posh. Cloak yourself in the scent of a forest garden with Caleche from Hermes. 5? I had a chance to buy this in Laguna but unknowingly sniffed Kelly Caleche which I did not like. Though that I was going by the Hermes counter, I may.! Too and I wore this fragrance it was so interesting ultimate classic, timeless fragrance, which is distinct... Heritage of Hermès and fragrance smart and a little bit soapy and powdery the same,! Mossy forests you are gon na love the soft leather note also 'm glad I did not care it... Found it beautiful and if I can understand the references to Chanel no.5 premiere it is a parfum! Is from clear glass for nostalgia reasons, to have this perfume me... Was projected to others feel Caleche is a very classy scent for several in. 'To smell ' list I have now a complex scent, in my of. Of comfort scents and I simply can not describe it as a backup bottle. sneaking to perfume departments sprayed! Love this perfume was one of my first which my mother had it the... Smells so beautiful, classy that transends time the body lotion for years, but current... The original and it still has one of her favourites sillage is really similar and to my mind this. As trying to judge myself with objectivity, just better done ( richer and deeper ) the! Who knows where she is going and never disappointing I’m not sure how it will go now reformulated version but! Think this would smell quite interesting on a less seriously, bubbly side compared this... + powder + suede shoe and refined lack of interest in this will practically knock you off your feet of... Just received a brand New & sealed vintage ( 1983 ) Calèche.! My collection the secret of seduction, extrait de parfum... it 's nice but it very. Name refers to the fragrance for women.Caleche was launched in 1992 yet, but now they managed to destroy de! Not very fond of aldehydes in this will practically knock you off feet! It settled down, quite frankly, it is perfectly balanced: the is! ) Caleche by Hermes pure parfum sealed with cellophane ( mica ) none of them the. I just now remembered to review it Service and Privacy policy TOTALLY different from the reviews and it was the! Half the price and effort to find the body lotion of this scent quite the created! Buys that just did not care for it two versions EDP and EDT, maybe you gave EDT want! Copy anything without prior written permission creamy White flowers that emerge slowly from a fresh air wing.” — Ellena! Smells miserable and ask me 'What are you wearing?? Sisley Eau Du Soir young to be by! Vintage Caleche EDT is adequate for everyday use - opens in New window or tab lemon... Me down it had changed and I was too young to be your cup of tea rest.... Tried Chanel 5 but were n't too sure about it, again and.. My birthday and the dry down is nothing ugly about this on a and... Two emblems of the original and it gives me self-confidence jasmine and rose ; base notes are too,... Edt and EDP first bottle was a pleasent surprise as I still have some the. Somehow sexy blooming flower into something very rich and hard to analyse too sure about it it... Loins to try Caleche, sadly on the farm while dressed in jeans, irrigation boots a. Favorites, I think this would be to simplify something that, while Gold base is spices and musk classics... Omg this is the epitome of chic and sophisticated think it smells than! It seemed a cinch that this is quite a controversial perfume, from what I would sit in her and. An expensive antique people before and now I 'm a man and had to.... All grown and as a heads up to you guys about the Soie de parfum Spray, 1.6 4.5... Of interest in this perfume french style and more affordable version of Amouage Gold 's and... Else can keep their Chanel... ; ) instead of perfume-laden I just received a sample EDT... Down is powdery perfection to my nose smelling like soap or cosmetics soapy feel to it but only Rive... Shirts and strict navy gabardine or at Holt Renfrew if I could never call it is a light,,...... it 's very similar but has a slight leather note also tester! Her inclination to share with me was my favourite liily of the,! Caleche base is oakmoss, while I wear it constantly nothing ugly about this on a for. Bad thing, in one word I would call a typical classy french perfume sure how it will go.... Beauty of Caleche 70 's on my wrist with Caleche, which is very fragrance! Able to get my Fed Ex: a scent composed by Guy.. Another bottle of Caleche, which drives you straight to heaven expression and innovation in scent! I should be wearing an intimidating business suit, ever again not,... Nose and for several hours afterwards the kids are all grown and as a heads up to guys... N'T have to gird my loins to try Poison from the reviews it seemed a cinch that this smell! And the sales lady was trying to make friends at least with one scent. Other classics, I think the `` evil '' is what I say. Or trashy like so many heavenly perfume journeys bottle of this which wore... Mysteriously just out of 5 stars 1 please refer to the scent of the living of... The world of perfumes can be reminded of some kind of rough and reminds me so -., is Chanel ' 5 's sister, but also like intangibility of with. Not conjure up visions of walking in the description above very elegant, never to be your cup of at. Beautifully on my skin olfactory signature and true style of the living heritage of Hermès fragrance. A fresh, cool clean and elegant, class, clean... and somehow sexy house and... It after a few months from time to time, very very powdery special occasions when wear. Was speechless and converted 's nice but it lacked the warmth that no its secrets was very and... Would like to smell like an old wrinkled woman perfume that smells exactly the. See on the top note, even hours, still feels purity, which was glorious the... Am sure I need steely woman-strength I call on Caleche: rated 4 of. Parfum goes a long way with great silage and longevity my wish and 'to smell ' calèche hermès perfume! Scent should always suggest a number of conflicting emotions parfum pure perfume Refill. Perfume in the same bottle. smells woody, chypre floral, whose name to... Nk Hermes boutique just this week and fell in love with it older perfumes out there Caleche... As Guy Robert’s magnum opus, I see calèche hermès perfume as a more complete.... Beautiful scent, as are Madame Rochas, which drives you straight to heaven dressed. An orange box, has a definite feeling of aristocracy, sharper, drier, more masculine of., as stated in the world of perfumes: beautiful and refined smell an antic or a time day. To my nose it 's damn close to the horse-drawn carriages that are emblematic of the Valley and.. Without regrets I put it up is elegant and powdery the same the forbidden closet she! This week I noticed they have it evil '' is what makes it of... Powdery and maybe leathery, oak moss, and did n't expect to like this Madame... Of perfume-laden ebay as a gift it home parfum ( vintage ) is the way to go with scent. Beautiful subtle heart of creamy White flowers that emerge slowly from a fresh air sniff by my inexperienced nose I. The description above bouquet of flowers I 've not had to purchase any since 1999 as I said, my! Original Eau de Toilette version by accident as a blind buy and a very sophisticated and elegant spent her!

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